Le aziende? Cercano soprattutto persone curiose

Carlo Alberto Pratesi – Professor of Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre For those, like him, who have always been involved in marketing, innovation and sustainability, the great age of digital disruption represents a kind of revenge. Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre, and a name that counts in […]

L’80% delle performance di un manager dipende dalle sue soft skills.

Pasquale Natella – CEO at EXS Italy & SDA Professor Interpret, through an algorithm, micro-movements of the facial muscles to see if the emotions of the speaker are actually consistent with what that person is saying. It is not a scene from a science fiction movie, but one of the technologies used by EXS Italy, a company […]

Digital Reputation vs. CV | 1 – 0

Nicoletta Bressa – Innovation & Change Manager @GiGroup “A resume? What matters is the digital reputation” A resume always counts; but it is only one piece in a broader framework, that of a digital reputation, because  the direct line of communication into the world of employment is always open to everyone. Nicoletta Bressa is Innovation & Change […]