Lavoriamo per una Cultural Disruption. Perché la vera rivoluzione è l’attitudine diffusa al cambiamento”.

When and why a distinctive corporate culture represents a competitive advantage. A conversation with Silvia Marinari (Poste Italiane – Italian Postal Services) With a total of over 140 thousand employees – more than half of whom work in direct contact with the public, including post office staff (about 40 thousand) and mailmen/women (other 33 thousand) […]

Le aziende? Cercano soprattutto persone curiose

Carlo Alberto Pratesi – Professor of Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre For those, like him, who have always been involved in marketing, innovation and sustainability, the great age of digital disruption represents a kind of revenge. Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre, and a name that counts in […]

L’80% delle performance di un manager dipende dalle sue soft skills.

Pasquale Natella – CEO at EXS Italy & SDA Professor Interpret, through an algorithm, micro-movements of the facial muscles to see if the emotions of the speaker are actually consistent with what that person is saying. It is not a scene from a science fiction movie, but one of the technologies used by EXS Italy, a company […]

Digital Reputation vs. CV | 1 – 0

Nicoletta Bressa – Innovation & Change Manager @GiGroup “A resume? What matters is the digital reputation” A resume always counts; but it is only one piece in a broader framework, that of a digital reputation, because  the direct line of communication into the world of employment is always open to everyone. Nicoletta Bressa is Innovation & Change […]

HR technology e soft skill: un ulteriore passo in avanti

Nicola Mattina – Entrepreneur and Investor. Entrepreneur, communications and management consultant, investor and university lecturer. Nicola Mattina, dedicated to innovation for twenty years, is one of the names in the Italian startup ecosystem that really count. We met him to ask him for his views on technology and human capital, on digital economy and soft […]

Marcella Gubitosa - Head of Personnel Management at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

La vera gara da vincere? Portare in azienda i talenti del futuro

[:en] Marcella Gubitosa – Head of Personnel Management at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Lamborghini’s plans to go fast are not only on the race-track, but also in the procedure of making corporate changes On the centenary of the founder’s birth, Stefano Domenicali, became the new CEO, and a hundred permanent recruitments were made. 2016 was a particularly […]