Lavoriamo per una Cultural Disruption. Perché la vera rivoluzione è l’attitudine diffusa al cambiamento”.

When and why a distinctive corporate culture represents a competitive advantage. A conversation with Silvia Marinari (Poste Italiane – Italian Postal Services) With a total of over 140 thousand employees – more than half of whom work in direct contact with the public, including post office staff (about 40 thousand) and mailmen/women (other 33 thousand) […]

Digital Reputation vs. CV | 1 – 0

Nicoletta Bressa – Innovation & Change Manager @GiGroup “A resume? What matters is the digital reputation” A resume always counts; but it is only one piece in a broader framework, that of a digital reputation, because  the direct line of communication into the world of employment is always open to everyone. Nicoletta Bressa is Innovation & Change […]