All you need is … coaching!

Until a few years ago, it was known only to insiders; today, the term “coaching” is increasingly popular. And while it is true that it mostly remains the prerogative of human resources specialists, it is equally true that an application for “coaching” is emerging louder and louder from the bottom. To better understand this phenomenon, […]

Le startup dell’HR Tech devono guardare al mercato europeo.

Anna Boffetta VC at Balderton Capital: “HR-Tech startups should look to the European market. Who focuses on Italy risks being cut off“. The end of the era of (only) job posting, ever increasing verticalization of the platforms and the override of each single national market in a European perspective. Anna Boffetta closely follows the world of […]

HR technology e soft skill: un ulteriore passo in avanti

Nicola Mattina – Entrepreneur and Investor. Entrepreneur, communications and management consultant, investor and university lecturer. Nicola Mattina, dedicated to innovation for twenty years, is one of the names in the Italian startup ecosystem that really count. We met him to ask him for his views on technology and human capital, on digital economy and soft […]